Friday, May 2, 2008

Link Exchange

Would you like to exchange link with Virtual Stock Market?

Rules for Linking:

  • Prior to submitting your site, you must link Virtual Stock Market somewhere easy to find. Feel free to specify where the link can be found in your e-mail.
  • You understand that by exchanging links with us, you do NOT become our affiliate.
  • Sites under construction along with MSN and Yahoo! Groups should not be submitted.
  • For your link to be posted here, you must use one of the banners or text link as given below on your site.
  • Your website should be based on the theme of financial investment system, trading.
  • If you've read and agreed to the rules above, you can send it to and your site will be added here.

  1. To link us; save the banner given below on your server and link it to

    Virtual Stock Market

    Virtual Stock Market

    Virtual Stock Market
  2. To link us; use the code given below:

    <a href="" alt="Virtual Stock Market">Virtual Stock Market</a>

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