Thursday, October 18, 2007

Help Your Friends!

This post is for all registered members at Virtual Stock Exchange Game.

You were lucky enough to get into the virtual stock market and understand the Financial Investment System and how it works. This game has surely helped you in understanding:

  • How to trade in the stock market
  • The costs and benefits involved in economic decision-making
  • Buyers and market demand
  • Sellers and market supply
  • Sources and uses of capital
  • Forms of business organizations
  • How our economy is changing

Now its time for you to help your friends by inviting them to this educational cum entertainment game.

All you have to do is, ask your friends to sign up using your referral code and play in the game. You can find your referral code here.

1. This referral code is unique for every registered user.
2. You are NOT allowed to create multiple accounts using this referral code.

3. You are NOT allowed to send spam emails or spam forums or other groups with this code.
4. You must understand that you will solely be help responsible for any misuse of your refrral code.

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